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404 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine SOCIAL SERVICES AND NONPROFIT children’s pastor and adult ministries pastor for Casas Church. Earlier, at age 18, she worked for Sterling Jewelers. By the age of 20, she was a store manager, where she remained for seven years. When she became pregnant with her first child, she co-founded a jewelry company, Trinity Diamonds, in 2002. While Trinity Diamonds is still in operation today, Ms. Workizer served as coowner and senior sales director until 2012. Through her faith in God, Ms. Workizer holds a strong belief that He has a plan for her life that has aided in her survival amid multiple traumas and healing. As an adult, she discovered that she survived her mother’s multiple attempts at abortion. Since recognizing this, Ms. Workizer has been actively involved with The Abortion Survivors Network, serving other survivors in their healing. As such, she is a professional speaker with Ambassador Speakers Bureau, an advocate for life, and has a compassion and love for her mom and for all women who have lost a child to abortion. Since 2019, Denisha D. Workizer has excelled as founder and CEO of the nonprofit ministry Reclaimed Story, through which she helps women discover renewed hope and emotional healing from past experiences and trauma. She has attained several credentials in traumainformed study. Looking forward, she intends to develop a training program to equip other organizations to also serve women in this context. Personally, she desires to write and publish books to express her own story and aid others. Additionally, she hosts a podcast titled “Living the Reclaimed Life” and developed a line of jewelry as an extension of her present endeavor. She is also a wife and mother of four and considers her family to be her greatest life’s work. Equipped with a strong, abiding faith in Jesus, Ms. Workizer served with Casas Church beginning in 2010, and by 2012, was ordained as a minister. She was the first woman to join Casas Church’s preaching team in the 50-plus years of its existence. During this time, she received a Biblical Mastery Certificate from Ministry Resources International and, from 2010 to 2020, was the DENISHA D. WORKIZER ENTREPRENEUR, FOUNDER, SPEAKER Reclaimed Story Oro Valley, AZ