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111 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine EDUCATION delving into his professional career. Joining Glendale Elementary School District in 1976, he served as school principal until 2002. Since departing from that role, he has excelled as a superintendent of the Ajo Unified School District in Arizona. Likewise, he previously excelled as an assistant principal and English teacher at Phoenix Public Schools for six years, an adjunct professor in educational leadership at Northern Arizona University for three years, and the director of finance at the Ajo Unified School District for two years. A certified elementary school teacher in the State of Arizona, Dr. Dooley later earned an EdD in educational leadership and finance from Arizona State University in 1997. Notably, under his leadership, the school district’s high school graduation rate increased from 55% in 2000 to 93% in 2005. This feat was completed in light of Dr. Dooley and the faculty working collaboratively with the students’ parents to provide academic support for their students. Dr. Dooley believes education should focus more on instruction, rather than teaching towards an examination. During his tenure as a school principal, he helped establish a new school; in just one year, the State of Arizona recognized this school as a literacy site. Likewise, when he was only 27 years old, he served as president of a teacher’s and worker’s union. For much of his career, Dr. Dooley has emphasized the importance of education, particularly showing low-income students that they can succeed with the right education and resources. In 2017, Dr. Dooley was named Superintendent of the Year by the Arizona School Administrators Association. Looking forward, he intends to ease into a well-deserved retirement while still teaching or coaching teachers on a part-time basis. Dr. Robert F. Dooley desired to become an educator at a formative age. During his middle school years, he was influenced by his sixth-grade teacher, who inspired him to enter the field of education as an adult. He first received a BA in secondary education and an MA in secondary education from Arizona State University before ROBERT F. DOOLEY, EDD SUPERINTENDENT Ajo Unified School District Ajo, AZ