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114 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine EDUCATION “Teachers and Employers’ Perception on the Development of Preferred Entry-Level and Job-Retention Skills for the Purpose of Initial Employment.” To remain abreast of developments in the field of education, Dr. Hallowell maintains affiliation with the Pennsylvania Education Program and the National Education Association. Among her many career achievements, she is especially proud of her longstanding tenure in both education and business. She is also gratified by her commitment and dedication to her family, having cared for many individuals and family members. Living and working by the motto, “The least little bit of effort will always make the difference between success and failure,” Dr. Hallowell intends to witness the continued success of her career in the forthcoming years. She would also like to network with others and publish her children’s book. Diversified in several career paths, including in cosmetology, real estate and academia, Dr. Emiline D. Hallowell was a co-op teacher for 12th graders at Upper Dublin High School in Pennsylvania. For 33 fruitful years, she was a teacher in the Pennsylvania Public School System. In addition, she taught in Florida, the Philadelphia Archdiocese Schools and in Australia. Besides being a public-school teacher, Dr. Hallowell was a cosmetology teacher, real estate agent and landlord. To prepare for her laudable career, Dr. Hallowell pursued a formal education at Pennsylvania State University, where she received a bachelor’s degree in education. She subsequently received a master’s degree in educational administration. In 2002, she earned an EdD from Temple University. While attending Temple University, Dr. Hallowell was initiated into the Omicron Tau Theta honor society. Notably, she was the recipient of the Dissertation Award from Temple University’s Omicron Tau Theta honor society in 2003. The dissertation was based on the following study: EMILINE D. HALLOWELL, EDD TEACHER Upper Dublin High School, Centennial School District Willow Grove, PA