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14 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE Looking toward the future, Ms. Alvarez looks forward to experiencing the continued growth and success of her real estate career. She emphasizes that when she eventually retires, she plans to serve as a life coach for other real estate agents and associates. She also looks forward to mentoring them, sharing what she has learned over the years and revealing what has made her so successful, including her knowledge of the importance of grammar and psychology in her field. Ms. Alvarez is married to a realtor and notes that he has been instrumental in taking care of the buying aspects of the business. For more information, please visit Having accrued vast expertise in the real estate industry, Sibelys Alvarez currently excels as a solutions expert for Offerpad, a renowned real estate brokerage. In her position since 2020, she prides herself on completing over 98 transactions in 2021 alone – an achievement that afforded her the opportunity to be featured on the cover of Top Agent Magazine in 2022. In addition, in 2021, Ms. Alvarez received a Top 15 National Award, as well as a Multiple Producer Award for all four quarters from Offerpad. Reflecting upon her success, Ms. Alvarez is especially grateful to her team of real estate professionals, especially her coordinator, for always going the extra mile to help her succeed. She also acknowledges how her dedication to her work and cultivating relationships with her clients have enabled her to complete multiple transactions, as she believes building lasting relations with her clients is the key to gaining their trust and attracting opportunities for more fruitful deals. SIBELYS ALVAREZ SOLUTIONS EXPERT Offerpad Clermont, FL