Millennium_13th Ed_Donna Polk Stenson

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is growing exponentially in the business world. Examples of artificial intelligence include virtual assistants that schedule appointments, chatbots that provide customer service, and search engines that automate film recommendations based on viewers’ past watch history. AI technology is shaping every aspect of our society. Here are four exciting and innovative AI trends to expect in 2023 and beyond. Quantum Artificial Intelligence Quantum computers are designed to process massive amounts of data at high speeds using subatomic particles, such as photons and electrons. This growing technology will be critical for the advancement of the medical, financial and digital manufacturing sectors. Quantum computing has also brought amazing advancements to the medical industry, including helping design the best drug treatments, genetic sequencing and predictive health. Advancements in Natural Language Processing Expect natural language processing to make rapid advancements in 2023. Businesses will be able to identify an even larger number of languages. These advancements will make it possible for machines to communicate words and phrases more accurately with individuals. Natural language processing applications include language translation, smart assistants, automated search features and email filters. Natural language processing technology will help bridge gaps in global communication and shape the future of how we interact as a society. Automated Machine Learning Automated machine learning, or Auto ML, is expanding to include two new areas of interest: automating neural networks and advanced data labeling. These automations promise to save companies time and money when getting AI solutions up and running. Banking and finance are two types of industries that have particularly benefited from automated machine learning. Banks can use the technology to improve the security of credit cards with facial recognition software and engage in digital conversations with customers. Advancements in Cybersecurity There is a growing need for advanced capabilities in cybersecurity, including the use of artificial intelligence. Cyberattacks can be more rapidly and effectively prevented by integrating AI into existing security systems. Cybersecurity, coupled with artificial intelligence, can analyze large amounts of data, detecting fraud and making recommendations to increase security. Cybersecurity advances can help businesses of all sizes keep customer information safe and protect large amounts of data. Artificial intelligence has impacted all areas of our daily life, including the medical, financial, social and manufacturing fields. Whether your company is trying to improve the detection of cyberattacks or improve the efficiency of basic business functions, advances in artificial intelligence will help you be more competitive in 2023 and beyond.