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17 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE real estate. Since 2012, he has also operated as the owner of Prestige Brokers Group LLC. Mr. Choudhry always holds his customers’ best interests at heart, and he is always searching for opportunities to expand his company’s inventory and influence in the market. Mr. Choudhry demonstrated entrepreneurial skill from an early age, often selling gum for a dollar per piece. He was well regarded by his peers, though he did not always take his studies seriously. Much of that changed when he was involved in a vehicular accident. While in recovery, Mr. Choudhry watched a real estate infomercial that kindled his interest in the industry. Since then, he has cultivated his skillset and composed a fulfilling career for himself. In addition to his current positions, Mr. Choudhry previously functioned as a senior managing director with Global Investments LLC, where he handled a $10-billion portfolio with an assortment of high-level properties, including hotels, resorts, industrial complexes and agricultural developments. He then subsequently worked as a consultant with BuySide Group, Inc., from 2010 to 2013 and Epoch Financial Group in Atlanta from 2013 to 2015. Mr. Choudhry attributes his success to his dedicated work ethic and the endless love and support of his family—particularly his wife, who constantly encourages him to excel. In light of his many accomplishments, he is particularly proud to oversee two hedge funds simultaneously and manage a portfolio of approximately 80 to 100 homes per month. In the near future, Mr. Choudhry intends to continue expanding his companies, and he and his wife look forward to having their second child. T hough he originally considered a career in science, Sohail Choudhry has found a wealth of success in the real estate industry, having accrued 15 years of experience in the field. In 2018, he founded Prestige-Riz Communities, where he and his colleagues specialize in buying, selling and constructing residential and commercial SOHAIL CHOUDHRY FOUNDER Prestige-Riz Communities Atlanta, GA