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176 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ENTREPRENEURS BRIAN KENT “BK” THOMPSON CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Saishupath Studio of the Warrior Arts Staatsburg, NY Brain Kent “BK” Thompson has cultivated a fulfilling career as a martial arts trainer and fitness instructor. Beginning when he was only 4 years old, he has personally trained in several martial styles, perfecting each craft as he got older. Since 1990, he has operated as the chief executive officer of Saishupath Studio of the Warrior Arts, an exercise and training studio located in Staatsburg, New York. In his position, he has focused on combat sports, selfdefense, physique enhancement and general fitness. The studio originally began as a health fitness company, providing clients with personal training and consultations in relation to fitness nutrition, and it has since evolved to include a broader range of services, thanks largely in part to Mr. Thompson’s guidance and expertise. Growing up in a martial arts family, Mr. Thompson’s first teachers were his parents. To wit, he learned Jiu Jitsu from his mother and a French foot-fighting style called “savate” from his father. These martial arts provided Mr. Thompson with a strong foundation upon which he could begin teaching and training with others in his local community as he was coming of age. Prior to fulfilling his responsibilities as a trainer, Mr. Thompson honorably served with the United States Navy from 1979 to 1989. During the time of his service, he was deployed primarily in Asia, where he functioned as an operations specialist. Having traveled to Japan, the Philippines, Korea and Thailand as well, Mr. Thompson’s experiences with the military offered him numerous opportunities to study the foundations of modern martial arts. After retiring from military service, Mr. Thompson began formally training others in martial arts. He initially sought employment in law enforcement, operating as a defensive tactics instructor after two years of academic studies. As he was training officers from various agencies and working with the New York State Office of Mental Health, he began adding enhanced fitness and military style exercises to his drills, eventually discovering his own interest in bodybuilding and nutritional training. Mr. Thompson operated in such roles for approximately 15 years until he subsequently Millennium Magazine Featured Listee