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186 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ENTREPRENEURS administration at Widener University and, later, earned a patent pending status for a multi-functional laptop, “The Wizard,” that can manually copy and print documents. Additionally, she received a utility patent for the Lollipop Tots dolls in 2000. As a testament to her success, Ms. Lee won First Prize for Most Innovative New Idea Concept and Poster Pitch Idea from West Chester University in 2014. Looking toward the future, she would like to continue helping others who require additional assistance or resources to progress forward in their lives by encouraging them to be innovative and creative in all their endeavors. She attributes much of her success to the influence of her father, the late Jay Henry Lee, who helped shape her motivation, drive and unique personality. She is immensely proud to have fulfilled her father’s dream and pass down his legacy through her own innovative, creative work. Lena M. Lee has been nationally acclaimed for her artistic skills, writing prowess and entrepreneurial spirit. Since 2010, she has excelled as the chief executive officer and founder of LM Wizard LLC, a small computer hardware design company. Additionally, she established the Lollipop Tots doll collection early in her career, through which she has created dolls for children of all genders. Notably, Ms. Lee does not distinguish nationalities in her dolls, which has proven itself to be relatable to children of a variety of cultures and ethnicities. Likewise, Ms. Lee designed luxury maxi gowns under the name the Lena-Marie Collection in 2014; a portion of her designs were also sold under the brand Thunderlily in New York. Demonstrating versatility in her field, Ms. Lee has further written several books and more than 13 short stories, including the thriller novel “Panic in the Jungle” in 2021, which was published through Balboa Press. She considers the publication of her book to be a highlight of her career. Moreover, Ms. Lee completed coursework in legal office LENA M. LEE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, FOUNDER LM Wizard LLC Thorndale, PA