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25 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE Delving into the field of real estate to help other homebuyers and sellers achieve their dreams and garner wealth, Alicia Lugo has excelled as a realtor with StartPoint Real Estate Group since 2007. As a young mother raising four children, she desired to purchase her dream home. Subsequently, she received a credit line of $70,000 from the bank, at which point she began buying homes, renovating homes and selling homes. Likewise, she has excelled as the owner of The Olympus Construction since 2019, through which she specializes in mold removal, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and floor and window installation. Earlier in her career, Ms. Lugo worked in a hospital setting for 11 fruitful years. Drawing upon prior undergraduate coursework in business, Ms. Lugo presently owns a 32-unit building. She also prides herself on providing opportunities to low-income families, to whom she teaches the fundamentals of how to navigate toward home ownership for themselves. Additionally, Ms. Lugo is especially proud of achieving the American dream as an independent woman with several children. To remain abreast of developments in the field, she has maintained professional alignment with the National Association of Realtors. In accounting for her success, Ms. Lugo credits her diligent work ethic, following through on her goals and being persistent. She has also benefited greatly from the mentorship of her family, including her sister Saldis Lugo, who has been a fiercely motivated woman with five advanced degrees. Notably, Saldis inspired Ms. Lugo to work hard to achieve her own success. Ms. Lugo’s four children are Emilio, Jessenia, Jonathan and Christopher. She is also the doting grandmother of five grandchildren. Looking toward the future, she intends to witness the continued growth and success of her career in real estate, as well as the expansion of her construction company. Born in the Dominican Republic, she now resides in Lawrence, Massachusetts. ALICIA LUGO REALTOR StartPoint Real Estate Group, The Olympus Construction Lawrence, MA