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399 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine SOCIAL SERVICES AND NONPROFIT Charlene J. Naulty first served the State of Alaska in their Office of Children and Family Services, where she focused her efforts on child welfare. During this tenure, she attended a meeting with the president and executive director of St. Paul Island, Alaska, where they corresponded on the subject of child welfare services throughout the Aleut tribe. Subsequent to this meeting, Ms. Naulty was invited to work for the Aleut community of St. Paul Island, where she has served as their director since 2012. Over the course of her career, Ms. Naulty has credited much of her success to her dedication to and passion for helping others. She extends this commitment through various community outreach programs for the Aleut community. While serving the Aleut community of St. Paul Island, Ms. Naulty has served as both the tribal health director and the director for the Department of Community Safety and Peace. Likewise, she is noteworthy for establishing the only tribal Title IV-E agreement in the State of Alaska, where they are also recognized as the 17th tribe in the nation to have a Title IV-E agreement with the federal government. Outside of her primary endeavors, Ms. Naulty has been a presenter and speaker at national conferences on the Txin Kaangux program, as well as served as the tribal training co-chairperson for the Court Improvement Project. Ms. Naulty draws upon a bachelor’s degree in sociology and criminal justice, which she received from South Dakota State University in 2003. After accruing years of experience in her field, she also earned a master’s degree in psychology, with an emphasis on tourism and security, from Walden University in 2010. She previously served in the United States military for nine years. Looking toward the future, Ms. Naulty intends to continue contributing to the Aleut community through her esteemed work, as well as share her breadth of knowledge to directors in the field of public service. Moreover, she would like to provide more opportunities for tribes to expand their jurisdiction to include child welfare services. Millennium Magazine Featured Listee CHARLENE J. NAULTY DIRECTOR Aleut Community of St. Paul Island Palmer, AK