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59 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARTS, MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT of mythological creatures, such as dragons, she offers prints of her artwork through her business and showcases her original artwork at the annual Medieval Fair in Norman, Oklahoma. Notably, much of her current client base originates from sales garnered at the Medieval Fair, where she first garnered attention and recognition for her work. Outside of her primary work as a visual artist, Ms. Lockhart has served in the government and military sector for a myriad of years. Serving the United States Department of Defense for a number of years, she then began working for the Oklahoma National Guard, where she served as an aviation mechanic to the C-130 Hercules Cargo Aircraft. Since 2000, she has also served as an aircraft avionic systems specialist at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma. Ms. Lockhart notes that she developed her talents as an artist in between attending to her duties as an early avionics specialist while she waited for aircrafts to launch and recover. For her success as an aircraft mechanic, Ms. Lockhart was named Mechanic of the Month. Additionally, she has received several recognitions and honors on behalf of her artwork with Dragon’s Lair. Among the many highlights of her career, she is especially proud to have received the attention and respect of other artists and patrons of the arts in her local area. Looking toward the future, Ms. Lockhart would like to continue rendering artwork, expand her close-knit following of art and medieval fantasy enthusiasts, and further develop her network of fellow artists throughout Oklahoma. She advises future art professionals to never become discouraged. In her spare time, Ms. Lockhart enjoys baking, gardening, taking care of animals, reading and playing computer games. Beth A. Lockhart draws upon a formative love for and interest in the visual arts. For more than 30 years, she has excelled as a visual artist and medieval fantasy specialist through her self-established business, Dragon’s Lair. Well regarded for her exquisite renderings BETH A. LOCKHART OWNER, ARTIST Dragon’s Lair Harrah, OK