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65 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARTS, MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT Entertainment, Mr. Vance has lent his expertise to numerous universities over the course of his career. Previously, he served such institutions as Pacific Union College, Whitman College and Walla Walla University, as well as the United States Government Accountability Office as an expert consultant and the American College Theater Festival as a vice chair of playwriting. Likewise, he served in the beginning stages of his career as a radio announcer for WAUS-FM and, later, WGTS-FM. Mr. Vance has held a BA in ministerial studies from Loma Linda University since 1978; an MA in religion, with an emphasis on communication, from Andrews University since 1981; and an MFA in theater, with an emphasis in playwriting, from the Catholic University of America since 1988. Outside of his primary roles, Mr. Vance has contributed over 20 articles to national magazines and has served as a producer and director of several theatrical pieces. In 2015, he produced and directed “The Butterfly, the Harp and the Timepiece,” having also penned the NBC production of “Miracle at Gate 213” in 2013 and authored “De’Monte Love” in 2007. Earlier in his career, he produced and directed over 30 stage plays across Washington, D.C., was a playwright for seven produced stage plays, and was a head writer for Lifestyle Magazine in 2001. To attest to his success, Mr. Vance was named Movie Maker of the Year by the International Movie Awards and Best Cinematographer for “Napa Valley Dreams” by the Culver City Film Festival in 2016. The same year, “The Butterfly, the Harp and the Timepiece” was recognized as Best Film and received the Platinum Award for Best Producer by the International Movie Awards. The recipient of a myriad of other accolades, Mr. Vance is a member of Mensa International. An award-winning producer, director, screenwriter and educator, Rodney Vance has excelled in his diversified fields for over 40 years. Currently residing as a tenured professor and founder of the department of film and television production at La Sierra University and the owner, producer and director of Singular RODNEY VANCE TENURED PROFESSOR, LA SIERRA UNIVERSITY OWNER, PRODUCER, DIRECTOR SINGULAR ENTERTAINMENT Riverside, CA