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74 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARTS, MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT With nearly five decades of experience in the entertainment industry, Michael “Mick” Stieler has excelled as the president of Showplace Cinemas since 1978. As president, he oversees the operations and general management staff of the company’s numerous movie theaters and family entertainment centers located in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. Mr. Stieler has worked with the company since it was first founded by his late father in 1973, and he looks forward to its continued expansion in the near future. As part of his vocational journey, Mr. Stieler earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Evansville in 1978. Well regarded as a civic-minded citizen, he and his colleagues regularly donate to and hold auctions for various charitable organizations, often offering funds and free movie tickets. In light of his accomplished career, he is especially proud of the entertainment center located in Newburgh, Indiana, which has proven to be a massive success for Showplace Cinemas. Mr. Stieler attributes much of his own success to his dedicated work ethic, as he is always willing to put in hard work to achieve what he desires. PRESIDENT Showplace Cinemas Evansville, IN MICHAEL “MICK” STIELER ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Terezin: Children of the Holocaust Amesbury, MA Since 1970, Anna Smulowitz Schutz has dedicated herself to the theatrical arts and playwriting. She is the creative director of Terezin: Children of the Holocaust, a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating against racism, antisemitism and discrimination through the use of education and the arts. The company is named after their film and play, “Terezin,” which depicts the lives of six children held at Camp Terezin in the Czech Republic. The production was written and directed by Ms. Smulowitz Schutz. In addition to her primary vocation, Ms. Smulowitz Schutz is an active public speaker, as well as a pastoral minister in various local hospitals. Furthermore, she is dedicated to civic advocacy in her community, serving on the board of the YWCA. In light of her commitment to the field, she was recognized with the Model People Award by the Timberland Corporation in 1994. Throughout her career, Ms. Smulowitz Schutz has attributed her success to her persistence and determination to eradicate hatred. She has always held this goal close to her heart, as her own parents are Holocaust survivors. In the near future, Ms. Smulowitz Schutz looks forward to retiring in New England. ANNA SMULOWITZ SCHUTZ