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84 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine BUSINESS SERVICES, CONSULTING AND HUMAN RESOURCES In accounting for his success, Mr. Jallaq credits his active involvement in civic endeavors throughout Ohio. He emphasizes that he participates in as many activities as time allows outside of running his business, and he has become renowned throughout the state of Ohio for his activism. Notably, he is considered a community leader for the Jordanian and Palestinian individuals within his community, drawing upon his own background as an immigrant. He also actively participates with the Federalist Association, the Southern Poverty Law Center and UNICEF. Presently, Mr. Jallaq serves the Palestinian American community as an appointed document certifier for the State of Palestine. He previously developed real estate properties earlier in his career. Looking toward the future, Mr. Jallaq intends to witness the continued growth of his business and continue contributing to his community. Growing up in the realm of business from a formative age, Mohammad A. Jallaq was influenced to enter the field by his father, who also conducted business as a career. Always seeking opportunities in his youth, when Mr. Jallaq came of age, he delved into the business sector with the intent of establishing his own business. He draws upon a bachelor’s degree in business, which he earned from The Ohio State University in 1984. After commencing his career in 1984, shortly following his receipt of his bachelor’s degree, Mr. Jallaq became intimately acquainted with business services and management. He owned a restaurant in Denver, Colorado, for a period of time, followed by his leadership as a manager of two separate dental offices. Currently, Mr. Jallaq excels as the manager and owner of Ohio Management and Consulting Services, through which he proudly serves his community. He is especially proud of the establishment of his highly successful business, through which he has been well regarded with an excellent reputation. MOHAMMAD A. JALLAQ MANAGER, OWNER Ohio Management and Consulting Services Grove City, OH