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90 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine BUSINESS SERVICES, CONSULTING AND HUMAN RESOURCES Matchmaker” in 2021, which discusses in detail which traits companies should seek when looking to employ individuals for executive leadership positions. He has also been extensively published in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company and CEO Today. Outside of his primary ventures, Mr. Rowinski – alongside the team at Boardsi – has sponsored a girls’ semi-professional soccer team in San Francisco and Sacramento. He has also volunteered and sponsored a nonprofit veterans’ organization that focuses its efforts on social work and suicide prevention. He previously studied computer information systems at California State University at Hayward. Looking toward the future, Mr. Rowinski intends to witness the continued growth and success of Boardsi and eventually desires to merge, sell or publicize Boardsi in the forthcoming years. He also would like to serve on a variety of executive boards and assist more companies. Drawing upon more than 30 years of experience, Martin Rowinski has excelled as the co-founder and chief executive officer of Boardsi since 2017. Notably, Boardsi is an executive recruitment firm in Las Vegas that specializes in helping organizations who are seeking to establish executive boards. Acclaimed for their quick and efficient operations, Mr. Rowinski and his team of specialists pride themselves on focusing their efforts on board diversity, allowing their clients to rapidly grow their businesses. Congruent to this appointment, Mr. Rowinski has served as a member of the Forbes Business Council and board member of the Fast Company Executive Board since 2021 and a member of the board of advisors for Shaparency since 2020. Earlier in his career, he excelled as an expert in providing leadership advice as a consultant for a variety of organizations, having specialized in implementing strategic processes, lead generation and sales across the fields of finance, technology and marketing. He previously owned several of his own firms, such as Freedom Mortgage, and thrived as the chief technology officer for SEP Connect. Demonstrating versatility in his profession, Mr. Rowinski authored the book “The Corporate MARTIN ROWINSKI CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, CO-FOUNDER Boardsi Las Vegas, NV