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337 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine HOSPITALITY AND LEISURE With several decades of professional experience to his credit, Domenico V. Mazzella has cultivated a career of excellence as a restaurant owner and entrepreneur. Since 1997, he has served as the owner of Mazzella’s Italian Restaurant in Wilmington, Delaware, where he specializes in delivering fine Italian cuisine and pizza to the members of his community. Prior to beginning his vocational journey, Mr. Mazzella pursued a formal education in Italy, earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting. He continued his education after immigrating to the United States, learning English and gaining several new skills that have proven to be invaluable throughout his career. To this end, Mr. Mazzella has learned to offer the highest quality service in every aspect of his work, from cooking delicious food to providing a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for his customers. Well-regarded for his accomplishments as a restaurant owner, Mr. Mazzella was featured in Delaware Today and Talk of the Town on numerous occasions. He was also named in the Best of Delaware six times. Furthermore, he was featured in a variety of magazines in Rome in 2011. Before delving into his professional endeavors, he began cooking when he was 14 years old when his mother entrusted him to cook for their customers and family. Attributing much of his success to his dedicated work ethic, Mr. Mazzella is especially proud of all he has accomplished at his restaurant. In the coming years, he hopes to begin a wood-fired, Neapolitan pizza restaurant before easing into a well-deserved retirement. DOMENICO V. MAZZELLA OWNER Mazzella's Italian Restaurant Wilmington, DE