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172 ENTREPRENEURS JOANNE FERN OWNER J&S Operated Equipment Rentals Palmdale, CA With more than 30 years of professional experience to her credit, Joanne Fern has cultivated a career of excellence as an entrepreneur. Since 1993, she has operated as the owner of J&S Operated Equipment Rentals in Palmdale, California. Ms. Fern began the company alongside her husband, Scott, to provide excavating, demolition and grading services to citizens and businesses of local communities. With respect to the demolition side of the business, the company’s services range from small-scale interior deconstruction to full-scale building demolition. Ms. Fern has leveraged her background in business administration to foster great success, allowing her to gradually expand the scope of her company. While they previously offered a limited number of trucks and a single backhoe at the onset of the business, they now offer an impressive amount of equipment and vehicles, including several skid steer tractors, a 950-wheel loader, and multiple excavators, backhoes, water trucks and remote-control compactors. While her husband manages crews and operates equipment, Ms. Fern works behind the scenes, handling contracts, billing and human resources. She has also played an instrumental role in maintaining the company’s success, especially following the Recession between 2008 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine