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174 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ENTREPRENEURS ARMANDO PETRUZZIELLO FOUNDER, OWNER, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Northern Lights Development Co. Inc. Dedham, MA With more than two decades of professional experience to his credit, Armando Petruzziello has cultivated a career of excellence across several entrepreneurial endeavors. Since 2000, he has served as the owner of Northern Lights Electric Co. Inc., an electrical services company that he founded not long after graduating from high school. Likewise, in 2008, he founded Northern Lights Development Co. Inc., his own real estate development brand, where he continues to operate as the owner and chief executive officer. In his leadership roles for the Northern Lights brands, Mr. Petruzziello offers a wide range of electrical and developmental services to homeowners, families and tenants. Specializing in high-end real estate, family housing and condominium projects, he has helped a myriad of clients find and develop their dream homes. Adjacent to his primary vocational endeavors, Mr. Petruzziello has also served as the owner of LYX Group, a luxury real estate development firm based in Boston. Much like his other real estate ventures, this company places a special emphasis on design and architectural significance, in addition to remaining committed to the vision of its clients. Furthermore, in early 2022, Mr. Petruzziello opened and took on the ownership of the Charles River Recovery Center, a longstanding personal project of which he is proud. Located in Weston, Massachusetts, the facility serves as a rehabilitation clinic for patients 18 and older with conditions such as drug addiction, depression, and other medical illnesses. The clinic offers dozens of detoxification and stabilization beds for patients to use, as well as a bevy of other helpful classes and services. As a business owner, Mr. Petruzziello oversees many of the financial aspects and daily operations of each of his companies. Outside of his professional work, he also remains dedicated to civic advocacy. To this end, he regularly participates in charitable events hosted by the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, as well as charities intended to help homeless individuals and those with cancer.