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180 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ENTREPRENEURS entrepreneurship training program in 2019. As a testament to her resounding success, Ms. Davenport received the Best of Southfield Award in massage therapy in 2014 and the Best of 2020 Award for her work with Luxurious Essentials Massage Spa. Moreover, she was featured in such publications as Women of Distinction Magazine and “America’s Leading Ladies Book.” Outside of her career endeavors, Ms. Davenport donates her time to the homeless population by providing blankets, clothing and nonperishable items. She also enjoys mentoring young women in her spare time. Affiliated with Women of Excellence and the Better Business Bureau, she continues to cultivate knowledge through continuing education and training seminars. Looking toward the future, Ms. Davenport intends to foster her reputation in the field by becoming a public speaker in the hopes of encouraging younger generations of professionals to pursue their dreams. Since 2007, Demetria K. Davenport has served as the owner, operator and massage therapist at Luxurious Essentials Massage Spa in Southfield, Michigan. Drawing upon a myriad of certifications and experience in the industry, she maintains responsibility for evaluating all her clients’ concerns. From there, Ms. Davenport establishes individualized treatment plans for each client to ensure they receive the best massage treatment to remedy their conditions. To this end, she is exceptionally skilled at treating a variety of medical conditions, injuries and other wellness-related ailments. Likewise, Ms. Davenport coordinates with such professionals as physiotherapists, chiropractors, physicians and psychologists to better serve her clientele. Earlier in her career, Ms. Davenport was wellestablished in the pharmaceutical industry for over 10 years. Shortly thereafter, she decided to enter business for herself, leveraging her innate entrepreneurial spirit. She earned a manicuring license from the Michigan College of Beauty and, subsequently, entered the field of massage therapy. As time progressed, Ms. Davenport received a massage therapy certification from the Stassios Institute of Therapeutic Massage and certificates in joint replacement therapy, shoulder rehabilitation and pain management. She further completed the Goldman Sachs DEMETRIA K. DAVENPORT, LMT OWNER, MASSAGE THERAPIST Luxurious Essentials Massage Spa Southfield, MI