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190 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ENTREPRENEURS Bolstered by more than 20 years of professional experience, Mary Jordan Little has excelled in the fields of agriculture and entrepreneurship. She currently serves as an exhibition poultry breeder with her own business, titled Merryquack-N-Feather. As the proprietor of her company, Ms. Little maintains responsibility for raising and breeding chickens for exhibitions and local competitions. She is especially proud of having had the opportunity to travel to different locations across the United States to showcase and sell her birds. Earlier in her career, Ms. Little worked extensively in the insurance industry. However, she pivoted her career path to chicken breeding upon discovering a collection of chickens that she believes God bestowed upon her. She notes that, at one point during her career, she owned approximately 1,500 chickens. In addition, she emphasizes that Merryquack-N-Feather is unique in her industry as she often sells her birds, which many other breeders have not done. This key component is what has propelled Ms. Little into the forefront of her field. Among the many highlights of her career, Ms. Little is particularly proud to have met numerous wonderful individuals both in her industry and in her own community. Furthermore, she is gratified by the opportunity to have had her chickens included in an esteemed poetry book. Recognized as a master breeder, Ms. Little looks forward to the future. She says that, in five years’ time, she aims to continue living her life to its fullest extent and continue being in excellent health. Born in Camp Gordon, Georgia, Ms. Little currently resides in North Augusta, South Carolina. Millennium Magazine Featured Listee MARY JORDAN LITTLE EXHIBITION POULTRY BREEDER Merryquack-N-Feather North Augusta, SC