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199 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ENTREPRENEURS For nearly 50 years, Denis D. Sauvé has excelled as the co-owner of Twin Ports Cyclery, which he operates alongside his wife, Lea. Located in Duluth, Minnesota, Twin Ports Cyclery is a five-star rated bicycle shop that has been met with much success over the decades. For three years, it was recognized as the Best Bicycle Shop in the Area, serving as a testament to the company’s longevity. Earlier in his career, Mr. Sauvé served in a myriad of positions, having also been a mechanic, a jazz musician and a teacher in the City of Chicago. Highly educated as well, Mr. Sauvé holds a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Colorado and a master’s degree in Malaysian history from Northern Illinois University. While studying toward his graduate degree in Illinois, he was a teaching assistant, thereby introducing him to the field of education and his future career as an entrepreneur. Likewise, Mr. Sauvé was an acclaimed cross-country skier, having been recognized at the top of his class in his age group. Mr. Sauvé attributes much of his success to his honest approach to his work, as well as his passion that is conveyed to all his customers. His foray into owning a bicycle business stemmed from his experiences playing football in his youth. Following a sports injury, Mr. Sauvé took up bicycling to remedy the injuries to his knees, which has since afforded him opportunities to continue his business and retain his good health. Looking toward the future, Mr. Sauvé intends to continue excelling in his present role as co-owner of Twin Ports Cyclery and witness the growth of his business. Married to his wife for five decades, he is the proud father of five children: Karen, Jon, Richard, Adam and Robert. For more information, please visit Millennium Magazine Featured Listee DENIS D. SAUVÉ CO-OWNER Twin Ports Cyclery Duluth, MN