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271 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine HEALTH AND WELLNESS with their consciousness. Additionally, she is a spiritual mentor of her own mentoring program, Five Steps to Alignment, and has excelled as a massage therapist for over six years. As a testament to her resounding success, Ms. Carbajal was honored in Shout Out Arizona magazine in 2022. However, she considers her work with Clients on Demand, a prestigious organization, to be one of the most insightful and rewarding highlights of her career. Prior to embarking on her career path, Ms. Carbajal pursued a formal education at the Arizona School of Integrative Studies, through which she earned a massage therapist license in 2016. Alongside her primary education, she has also received certifications in theta healing, Reiki and past life regression. In the coming years, Ms. Carbajal intends to continue serving as a pillar in her spiritual community and helping her clients connect with their divine sources of energy to relieve themselves of emotional and physical pain. Additionally, she would like to collaborate more often with other leaders in her community, attend live events and host TED talks to share her breadth of knowledge in the field. Ms. Carbajal attributes a great deal of her success to her diligent work ethic, her vision for success, her passion for spiritual healing and energy, and her sense of determination. In her spare time, Ms. Carbajal enjoys attending the gym, weightlifting, cooking and being outside in the natural environment. She lives and works by the phrase, “Authentic spirituality.” Haley Carbajal is an acclaimed spiritual healer and entrepreneur who has thrived as the owner of Energy Healing by Haley since 2017. Offering such services as energy healing, spiritual guidance and mentoring, and meditation, Ms. Carbajal tunes into her clients’ spiritual energy and allows each of her clients to reconnect HALEY CARBAJAL OWNER, ENERGY HEALING BY HALEY SPIRITUAL MENTOR, FIVE STEPS TO ALIGNMENT Flagstaff, AZ