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29 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE including Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Over the course of the company’s existence, Mr. Nissley has been especially gratified to have expanded his business to multiple locations and improved all his facilities to accommodate his clients’ needs. In his position as owner, Mr. Nissley maintains responsibility for all daily operations of the business, which has included supervising his staff and managing building projects. Alongside their main efforts, CN Metals has also incorporated additional services to their repertoire, such as paint sealing, window installation, and overhead, garage and walk-in door installation, among others. Earlier in his career, Mr. Nissley received a contractor’s license to practice within the states of Maryland and West Virginia. Furthermore, he maintains active involvement with the Maryland Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Business, which has bestowed upon Mr. Nissley a myriad of accolades for his excellent work. To this end, he has also received numerous awards and commendations from his local Builders Association. Outside of his primary endeavors in construction, Mr. Nissley dedicates his spare time to Samaritan’s Purse as a volunteer and donates to his local fire department. In accounting for his resounding success, Mr. Nissley credits his diligent work ethic and unwavering passion for helping others. In this regard, he has always desired to contribute meaningful purpose to other individuals’ lives, particularly the lives of his clients. He also emphasizes that he finds the most fulfillment in seeing his clients satisfied with his work. In the forthcoming years, Mr. Nissley would like to continue offering his suite of premier services across the United States and move forward in the industry. Recently celebrating 35 years of business, Calvin Nissley Jr. has excelled as the owner of CN Metals LLC since 1987, a family-owned construction company located in Oakland, Maryland. Notably, CN Metals provides steel metal roofing and siding for residential and commercial properties across many U.S. states, CALVIN NISSLEY JR. OWNER CN Metals LLC Oakland, MD