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8 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ADVERTISING, MARKETING AND PUBLIC RELATIONS ELIHU BENJAMIN WASHBURNE WEAR PRESIDENT, OWNER Popco Inc. Minnetonka, MN For nearly 30 years, Elihu Benjamin Washburne Wear has served Popco Inc., a display parts manufacturer and distributor that was initially established in 1979 by Mr. Wear’s father, Philip A. Wear. Following 12 years of service as an operator of his own business, The Washburne Company, beginning in 1982, Mr. Wear accepted the title of co-owner of Popco and has since found tremendous success in his executivelevel roles with the company. Also serving as the warehouse operations manager for a period of time, he maintained the position until 2019 when he became the principal owner. Currently, he excels as the president and owner of Popco, through which he has become well regarded for the company’s pioneering products and premier customer services. Mr. Wear emphasizes that his ascent into management was a natural progression, having displayed leadership potential and skills from an early age. While his father was founding Popco in Minnesota, Mr. Wear was a student at The Blake School. After his graduation, he matriculated in the University of WisconsinStout, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in hotel and restaurant management in 1987. Following this accomplishment, he received a certificate of completion at the Academy of Accountancy in 1990. Upon becoming the warehouse operations manager for Popco, Mr. Wear was instrumental in handling display components for the company, where he also oversaw operations, fulfilled orders and shipped products. Following his introduction as owner, he rebranded the company, having hired a sales and marketing vice president and a head of business development while also redesigning the company’s website. Among the many highlights of his career, Mr. Wear is especially proud of the innovations spearheaded by Popco since the commencement of his tenure as owner. He notes that the molding and injection tools that helped manufacture solutions, including a new mold from China that created a “Made in the USA” injection molded fastener part, have been developed in a short period of time. In light of these feats, Popco has propelled itself to the forefront of the industry,