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87 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine BUSINESS SERVICES, CONSULTING AND HUMAN RESOURCES marketing and international expansion. Mr. Fuller subsequently rose to the positions of president and chief executive officer of the company in 1999. Adjacent to his primary vocational duties, Mr. Fuller previously operated as the president of the Jean Richardson Fuller Foundation, a nonprofit organization that focused on providing parents with better practices for educating their children. In addition to his professional experience, he also honorably served with the United States Army, Air Force and Navy. Mr. Fuller notably served as a supervisory naval architect and a computer specialist with the Naval Sea Systems Command from 1960 to 1990. As part of his professional journey, Mr. Fuller pursued a formal education, earning a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics and natural science at Miles College in 1958. He also completed a doctorate, all but dissertation, in applied mathematics at New York University. In addition to his academic and vocational accomplishments, Mr. Fuller is also well regarded for his scholarly output, having authored several books throughout his career, including “Yes You Can: Against and Despite All Odds” in 2020 and “Dynamics of Clipper: A Library for Software Development” in 1988. In light of his fulfilling career, Mr. Fuller attributes much of his success to his learning experiences. From a young age, he shouldered a great deal of responsibility, supporting his two sisters and four brothers, which taught him to forge a dedicated work ethic. Having always been fond of reading, Mr. Fuller naturally gravitated towards a career in technology. He is especially proud to have assisted in developing the forerunner technology that would subsequently become the modern internet. Having accumulated more than six decades of experience, Arthur L. Fuller Sr. is a leading expert in business development and operations. In 1978, he founded ArtFul Enterprises International, a company that assists independent business owners with training in e-commerce marketing and shopping, mobile ARTHUR L. FULLER SR. OWNER, PRESIDENT, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER ArtFul Enterprises International Houston, TX