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207 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine FOUNDER, LIGHTSKY FARMS AND POOLSIDE FARMS & CONSULTING LLC OWNER AND WINEMAKER, ONE WORLD WINERY CONSULTING LLC Traverse City, MI ENTREPRENEURS OWNER APEX Smart Home Shavano Park, TX JASON A. MCKINZIE With almost 15 years of professional experience to his credit, Jason A. Mckinzie is a proven leader in the fields of home security and protection. Since 2014, he has served as the owner of APEX Smart Home and its various branches. As the head of the company, he oversees all daily operations and specializes in developing and implementing new smart home technologies. Prior to his current appointment, Mr. Mckinzie operated as the vice president of sales for Skyline Security, and he was recognized as the youngest regional manager at Pinnacle Security. Adjacent to his primary vocational duties, Mr. Mckinzie remains committed to civic advocacy, regularly donating to The Samaritan Purse and his local Community Bible Church. Furthermore, he is the founder and president of the Mckinzie Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing clean water to underserved regions worldwide. As a testament to his success, during his tenure with Pinnacle Security, he was recognized as the Number One Sales Representative. Mr. Mckinzie is proud of his company’s success, which he attributes to the dedicated work of his team, and he hopes to continue their growth in the coming years. With more than three decades of experience to his credit, Shannon G. Walters has cultivated a career of excellence across several entrepreneurial endeavors. Since 1991, he has operated as the owner, winemaker and consultant at One World Winery Consulting LLC. Additionally, in 2009, he founded LightSky Farms, a medical cannabis company. Furthermore, he is the founder of Poolside Farms & Consulting LLC. In each of his business ventures, Mr. Walters aims to create positive relationships and opportunities for individuals in his community and, soon, across the country. Well regarded for his accomplishments in the field, Mr. Walters has been recognized with several honors over the course of his career. As a testament to his success, he was recognized for Best THC Cartridges by High Times Magazine in 2018 and for the Strongest Strains on Earth in 2017. He has also been featured in numerous creative publications and on several podcasts. Attributing much of his success to his ability to overcome adversity and the guidance of his many mentors, Mr. Walters hopes to further market and expand his businesses in the forthcoming years. SHANNON G. WALTERS