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48 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine EDUCATION Drawing upon nearly 30 years of excellence in early childhood education, Marilyn A. Christensen has excelled with the Houston Independent School District since 1992, for whom she has served in several prominent roles. First hired as a pre-kindergarten teacher, she has also excelled as a lead teacher, a shared decision making committee member, a community service liaison, an intervention assistance team member and the chairperson of the department of special education. Likewise, since 1994 she has served as an early childhood educator and special education chairperson for Charles E. Eliot Elementary School in Houston, where she has leveraged her unique talents in special education to work with early childhood intervention programs. To prepare for her career, Ms. Christensen pursued a formal education at Steven F. Austin State University, where she earned a BS in interdisciplinary studies and education of individuals in early childhood special education programs in 1992. From there, she received an MEd in curriculum and instruction fromTexasWesleyan University in 2003. Currently working on her doctoral dissertation, she is a doctoral candidate at Northcentral University in Scottsdale, Arizona, where she is focusing on early childhood readiness. Prior to entering the field, Ms. Christensen was inspired by her parents to enter the education industry. Her mother instilled in her the importance of education and sharing her wealth of knowledge with others, and her father – who was enlisted in the military – enabled Ms. Christensen to gain considerable experience with various forms of educational systems across the country. Supported by these formative experiences, she sought to provide exceptional academic services to underserved children. Ms. Christensen maintains affiliation with the Texas Classroom Teachers Association and the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development. Nominated for several American Teacher Awards from the Disney Corporation and the Martell Teacher Award in 2012, she was bestowed with numerous Campus Based Teacher of the Year Awards and a National Teacher Advisor Award from the Scholastic Book Club. Civically, she is a member of United Way and Ronald McDonald House. MARILYN A. CHRISTENSEN TEACHER, SPECIAL EDUCATION CHAIRPERSON Charles W. Eliot Elementary School Houston, TX