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49 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine EDUCATION California to Yuma, Arizona, in pursuit of her associate degree. As her career progressed, Ms. Garcia earned a Bachelor of Science in 2016, followed by a master’s degree in early childhood education in 2018, both from Grand Canyon University. While studying toward her associate, undergraduate and graduate degrees, Ms. Garcia worked full-time while simultaneously tending to her duties as a loving parent. In 2008, she served as an educational coach for Cocopah Head Start, followed by 10 years at Arizona Western College as an administrative secretary. Remaining at the College, she then became an associate faculty member in early childhood education – a position she has held since 2012. Additionally, she is involved in professional development for the Council of Professional Recognition and, since 2018, has excelled as the owner and director of the Milestones Preschool in Yuma. Impressively, the Milestones Preschool was named Favorite Preschool of the Year in Yuma in 2018, and Ms. Garcia was featured among Empowered Women through a local Arizona magazine. Civically engaged as well, she enjoys donating to local children and women who are domestic violence survivors. Additionally, she maintains active affiliation with the Yuma Chamber of Commerce. Although her career has been filled with highlights, Ms. Garcia is exceptionally proud of the first year she commenced the Milestones Preschool, noting that the preschool received wide recognition and garnered significant attention from individuals who wanted to offer their services free-of-charge. She notes that even professors at colleges in her local community desired to help, which was a great career achievement. Looking toward the future, Ms. Garcia intends to continue advocating for children and teachers in early childhood education. Interested in early childhood education since she became a mother at the age of 17, Josie Garcia received a child development associate credential. During the internship through which she obtained her credential, her mentors encouraged her to create a robust career out of her aptitude for early childhood education. She subsequent moved from JOSIE GARCIA OWNER, DIRECTOR Milestones Preschool Yuma, AZ