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53 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine EDUCATION of Philosophy from 1982 to 1986. Alongside his primary endeavor in education, Dr. Holbrook has served as the director of The King Library Press since 1988, as well as a co-owner of Stella’s Kentucky Deli since 2006 and a biographer to the Estate of Victor Hammer since 1978. Earlier in his career, he was a teaching assistant in the Department of Religion at Denison University from 1969 to 1971 and an adjunct professor of ethics at Midway College from 1995 to 1997. Highly educated, Dr. Holbrook draws upon a BA in religious studies, cum laude, from Denison University, and graduated cum laude with an MDiv and a ThM from Harvard University. He also holds an MA in philosophy and a PhD in philosophy from the University of Kentucky, and he is an ordained Episcopal minister. Notably, Dr. Holbrook has served as a deacon for the Episcopal Diocese of Lexington, Kentucky, since 1975, and has been a member of several religious orders. A prolific writer as well, Dr. Holbrook most recently edited “Letters of Thomas Merton, and Victor and Carolyn Hammer” in 2014. He previously authored such works as “A Dialogue with Carolyn Reading Hammer” and “Tools in the Hands of God” in 1992, “The Craft of the Contrary Man” in 1991, and “Metaphor and the Will to Power” in 1988, among myriad other publications. Furthermore, Dr. Holbrook is an esteemed poet whose work is found in Kentucky Poetry Reviews. In 2001, Dr. Holbrook was honored as a Gaines Fellow through the University in Kentucky and, in 2019, received the John Wesley Hunt Award for lifetime service to historic preservation from the Bluegrass Trust for Historic Preservation. He maintains membership with the Sons of the American Revolution, General Society of Colonial Wars and General Society of the War of 1812, among other organizations. Exemplifying a diversified career path, Dr. Paul Evans Holbrook Jr. is a noteworthy author, minister, educator and entrepreneur. Since 1987, he has excelled as an adjunct professor in philosophy and religious studies at the University of Kentucky, where he previously served as a graduate assistant in the Department PAUL EVANS HOLBROOK JR., PHD ADJUNCT PROFESSOR University of Kentucky Lexington, KY