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54 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine EDUCATION In pursuit of her career, Dr. Carol A. Hosenfeld attended Barnard College, from whom she received a Bachelor of Arts in voice. Subsequently, she matriculated in Middlebury College and earned a Master of Arts in pronunciation and punctuation, followed by a PhD from The Ohio State University, which she earned in 1972. Desiring to educate others in the same ways she was educated as a student, she recalls her mentor and advisor at The Ohio State University, Dr. Gilbert Gyres, who was instrumental in refocusing education on the learner. Noting that he made a strong impact on her perspective of education, Dr. Hosenfeld sought to teach as well. After spending time in Nigeria, Dr. Hosenfeld served as an educator at both the University of California Los Angeles and at an accredited academic institution in Chester, Pennsylvania. She then joined the State University of New York at Buffalo, where she excelled as an associate professor within the Department of Learning and Instruction. She attained emeritus status in 2016. Over the course of her career, she supervised doctoral students, as well as presented myriad papers internationally in such countries as England, France, Thailand, Japan and Canada. Likewise, her papers were presented in such U.S. states as New York, Florida and Texas, among others. Dr. Hosenfeld attributes her success to meeting the right people at the right time, calling it a serendipitous progression of events. She also credits her diligent work ethic and ability to persevere through struggles. Although her career has been filled with highlights, she is especially proud of her article published in 1977 that delved into reading strategies of successful and unsuccessful language learners, which garnered her the Paul Pimsleur Award. Her citations for her research is currently at 628 citations, and she has also fostered an international audience. Looking forward, Dr. Hosenfeld intends to publish more extensively, particularly her manuscript that is focusing on a learning-teaching view of second language learning rather than a preaching method of learning. Additionally, she would like to partake in additional activities related to corporate instruction of inner dialogue. Millennium Magazine Featured Listee CAROL A. HOSENFELD, PHD ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR EMERITUS State University of New York at Buffalo Williamsville, NY