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86 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ENERGY, ENGINEERING AND MANUFACTURING the Manhattan West 1,100 residential dwelling unit. He participated in the expansions and safety improvement projects of several New York State Department of Transportation initiatives throughout Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan, Dutchess County and Buffalo, including the Nassau and Suffolk Counties. He provided tens of thousands of hours of pro bono engineering services to low- and moderate-income communities, including stopping the $50 billion land use swindle, called the West Side Highway, on the west side of Manhattan Island. Mr. Ketcham organized the first all-day conference on the full cost of roadway travel at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Automotive Engineers in Detroit in 1973. He has presented at several conferences and was a founding member and board of directors member of Transportation Alternatives and the Tri-State Transportation Campaign. A former president of Brian Ketcham Engineering, PC, in Brooklyn, he has since retired. A registered professional engineer since 1969, Brian Ketcham is a transportation engineer with over four decades of expertise. Exemplifying aptitude in all transportation-related fields, such as traffic, transit, air quality and noise impact analyses, as well as truck routing, pedestrian flow, parking plans and various socioeconomic analyses, he authored New York’s first transportation control plan for reducing mobile source emissions that met federal air quality standards. He pioneered strategies that have since been implemented in all transportation systemsmanagement programs. He is a nationally recognized researcher, having conducted research and authored articles on the societal costs of transportation systems. Drawing upon a BSME from the Case Institute of Technology and MSME from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mr. Ketcham is acclaimed for his work with the reconstruction of the Triborough Bridge, Kosciuszko Bridge and Queens Boulevard Bridge. He has modeled New York metropolitan area traffic and transit conditions to identify sites for intelligent transportation systems strategies and mitigated BRIAN KETCHAM PRESIDENT (RETIRED) Brian Ketcham Engineering, PC Brooklyn, NY