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360 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine His dedication to be responsible for Information Systems at Toshiba America, Inc., and thenToshiba America Consumer Products, Inc., continued until his retirement. Outside of work, Mr. Hamada is involved in multiple memberships related to his passion for technology. He is a fellow of the Society for Information Management and a member of the Association of Information Technology Professionals, the Japan-U.S. Communications Association and the American Management Association. He is an alumnus of the Institute for Information Studies at the Aspen Institute. Mr. Hamada is the author of “KH in Seven Decades” and his hobbies include tennis, music and woodworking. Mr. Hamada is also proud to share that within three years, he created his own map of Sussex County, New Jersey. He noticed that the county did not have a countywide historical sitemap and chose tomake one. His book andmap are now registered in the Library of Congress. I n 1957, Kiyoshi Hamada received his BA in economics from Keio University, and then jumped into the realm of electronics and technology. Following his college graduation, Mr. Hamada was focused on finding a job that was directly related to what he studied – and that lead him to the Toshiba Corporation. He started in the lamp and tube division of the company, and later found himself in overseas operations. This assignment changed the course of his career at Toshiba, which he no longer was able to utilize his knowledge developed at college, a particular theory of investment based on cost control and production management, challenging the traditional accounting system to be more effective and productive. Mr. Hamada immigrated to the U.S. in 1962 to represent the Toshiba brand to a new international audience. He was promoted to New York City as a liaison, manager, director of electronic data processing and then vice president of information systems. Notably, Mr. Hamada came to open the first Toshiba office in the U.S. with only one other manager. The business grew to many more business entities. Mr. Hamada introduced computer systems for the first time to Toshiba America, Inc., when U.S. business operations needed its efficiency by replacing the manual process being practiced in the office. KIYOSHI HAMADA ELECTRONICS COMPANY EXECUTIVE Toshiba America Consumer Products, Inc. Hardyston, NJ TECHNOLOGY