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169 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine S upported by a BS in accounting and finance from the University of Iowa in 2000, Nick Wernimont spearheaded his food fitness company, Factor 75, in 2012. Currently serving as chief executive officer and founder, as well as a wellness and performance strategist, Mr. Wernimont created Factor 75 to offer clients an opportunity to seek fitness results through healthy performance eating. He also spent one year in the University of California Los Angeles’ Medical Marketing Program. Factor 75 is based on the philosophy that 75% of how you look, feel and perform comes from the food you eat. Meals are chef-crafted and nutritionist-designed to include only the highest quality of organic ingredients with optimal amounts of macro- and micro-nutrients. He promises that this program delivers a successful balance of nutrition and taste. Mr. Wernimont looks at Factor 75 as his crowning achievement. He says he has never worked harder on anything else, and he is deeply passionate about the program. He attributes the positive feedback he has received and his overall success to outworking the competition and “embracing the grind.” With a background in mixed martial arts, and a win-streak of more than 20 victories, Mr. Wernimont once had a personal chef and saw firsthand the benefits of proper nutrition on his performance and recovery time. Prior to the fruition of Factor 75, Mr. Wernimont worked for BioHorizons from 2006 to 2012 as director of marketing, director of sales and regional manager. In his free time, Mr. Wernimont enjoys spending time with his children and contributing to the Aaron Wernimont Inspiration Fund. In previous years, he was an avid skydiver, having had over 150 solo skydives. In five years’ time, he would like to start a foundation to give back to the entrepreneurial community. He would also like to create a project involving children. NICK WERNIMONT FOUNDER, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Factor 75 Cedar Falls, IA Millennium Magazine Featured Listee ENTREPRENEURS