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117 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ENTREPRENEURS A s a self-made millionaire, Ahmed Ahsan is notable for his myriad business ventures that are located throughout the states of New York and Connecticut. The sole proprietor of 10 different businesses, including gas stations, a food market, a staffing agency and a restaurant, he has been the owner of the employment agency Optimus Management Group in Hartford, Connecticut, and Black Gold Enterprises in Carmel, New York. In total, 600 employees report to his authority on an average basis. In 2009, Mr. Ahsan opened his South Asian halal restaurant, Sunrise Fusion, in Brookfield, Connecticut. As chief executive officer, he vows to provide his customers with a variety of dishes from a delicious menu, ensuring continued business. He enjoys providing entry-level jobs for individuals and witnessing their happiness when they receive positive feedback. Mr. Ahsan’s advice to future professionals in the field is that individuals must exhibit patience when making executive decisions and be open to making mistakes. However, the most important part is to learn and reflect on your mistakes. He notes that he handles issues as they arise and does not stop until the problem is resolved. To attest to his success, Mr. Ahsan has been recognized by his local mail office. Born in Bangladesh, Mr. Ahsan immigrated to the United States in 1989 and matriculated in the University of Virginia, where he earned a BA in computer science in 1989. Continuing his education, he transferred to Central Connecticut State University, from whom he earned an MA in finance in 1992. From there, he enrolled at the University of Connecticut and obtained an MBA in 1997. Looking toward the future, Mr. Ahsan intends to provide more job opportunities for minorities, as well as provide local scholarships to continuing education programs. He has maintained affiliation with the Bangladesh Society, the North America Islamic Center and the Leo Club. Married to his wife Rumanahoq, he has three sons: Saddmun, Ruhitahsan and Ahyan. He currently resides in Brookfield, Connecticut. AHMED AHSAN CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Sunrise Fusion Brookfield, CT