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118 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ENTREPRENEURS 1,600 pounds of chokecherries, among others. In her endeavors, Ms. Barrie is helped tremendously by her husband, Rolland Barrie, and her six daughters. One of her daughters, Glenda, introduced Ms. Barrie to the practice of creating labels for her products via the computer, which has been a great advancement in terms of production for the business. Lauded for her diligent work ethic, Ms. Barrie dedicates 40 to 60 hours per week to her craft and is incredibly humbled by the ongoing, consistent demand she receives by her loyal customers. Selling her products to Crazy Horse National Monument, as well as local grocery stores and gift shops in Fargo and Rugby, North Dakota, and Wilmar, Minnesota, Ms. Barrie intends to ease into retirement in five years’ time. She advises the next generation to dedicate themselves to hard work, emphasizing her own perfectionism, which has contributed to her success. Please visit . E njoying the process of baking, gardening and canning throughout her young and adult life, Charlene Barrie has been the owner of Char’s Kitchen since 1995. Initially bringing a few baked goods and homemade jelly to a flea market to sell to local civilians in the area of Turton, South Dakota, she was subsequently contacted by several individuals who desired to purchase more of her products. As the years progressed, Ms. Barrie has been successful with myriad customers. After three years of successful business, she expanded her kitchen to a 14-by-28 foot “jelly house,” located on her family’s farm. Since the inception of her business, Ms. Barrie has progressed from having a few select flavors of jelly to now having 16 regular flavors and five sugar-free flavors of jelly, alongside seven flavors of syrup and honey, five types of pickles and two types of salsa. Some of her flavors include apple butter, chokeberry, elderberry, green jalapeno, pumpkin butter, wild plum, raspberry jalapeno, strawberry rhubarb and more. In one standard year, she utilizes 12,000 jars in three different sizes, two tons of sugar, 1,000 pounds of rhubarb and CHARLENE BARRIE OWNER Char’s Kitchen Turton, SD