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314 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine SCIENCES, PHARMACEUTICALS AND BIOTECHNOLOGY Dr. Ninham’s work over culminated in the discoveryanddemonstration that the foundations of physical chemistry are seriously flawed. The ramifications are not yet fully appreciated. These discoveries have wide and exciting implications that open new opportunities that bridge the physical, biological and medical sciences. He is currently engaged in applying these advances to groundbreaking technologies involving the availability of fresh water. To implement these new advances, Breakthrough Technologies was founded to leverage this new knowledge to develop a range of simple, low cost, scalable applications in water treatment. Among these are sterilization of viruses and bacteria, selective heavy metal removal and harvesting, desalination, new non carcinogenic soaps, as well as treatment of mining waste. The refurbishment of a venerable discipline is offering previously unimaginable opportunities. For more information, visit Dr. Barry W. Ninham was educated as a Mathematical Physicist at the Universities of Western Australia and Maryland. His work at the USA National Institutes of Health led to new insights into the subtleties of molecular forces, which led to his appointment in 1970 as Head of a new Research Department in Natural Sciences (Applied Mathematics) at Australian National University. The research focus of his team was in Physical Chemistry (Colloid and Surface Chemistry), in which his Department became the leading international center. His bestknown work was in measurement and theory of molecular forces and how these conspire with the geometries of molecules such as proteins and lipids to form cells and membranes. Dr. Ninhamhas directed numerous students and researchers, more than 100 of whomhave become full professors across the world. He has published over 500 papers and books. His contributions also span mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics, chemical engineering and nanotechnology. His work has attracted numerous awards, honors and professorships from several countries. BARRY W. NINHAM, PHD PROFESSOR EMERITUS Australian National University Cook, Australian Capital Territory, Australia