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353 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine TECHNOLOGY Dr. Surinder P. Singh, a doyen in the American Sikh community, is a multitasker, balancing his multipronged career path along with serving the Sikh and migrant communities. With his towering personality, humble approach and disarming smile, Dr. Singh pursues three paths: information technology, philanthropy and athleticism. Dr. Singh has served the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) as a community organizer and human rights activist for their “Project Voice” initiative since 2005. Dr. Singh enjoys organizing workshops for South Asian immigrants to share his knowledge of labor rights, immigration laws and green card campaigns. During his tenure with AFSC, he created an anti-REAL ID ACT campaign, organized newsletters in Punjabi and articles regarding immigration. With double postgraduate degrees in physical education and English and an NIS Diploma in Gymnastics, he went on to get a doctorate in vocational studies by investigating into the psychomotor abilities of young athletes and non-athletes of Punjab. With his unflinching efforts to highlight and improve Mind Training curriculum, Dr. Singh has several research papers to his credit. He traveled across the globe topresent those at International Congress conferences held in Australia, Canada and Portugal. Summing up all his national and international exposures and learnings, especially from theWorldCongress onMindTraining in Canada, he authored a book, “Mind training for Academic Excellence.” Dr. Singh has been recognized for his work with the Punjab Government in 1997 and again in 2019, as well as receiving the Best Citizen of India Award in 2004. The governor of Maryland bestowed upon him a Certificate of Commendation in light of his work with the South Asian community. Working with a clean conscience and high work ethics, Dr. Singh won the hearts of the people in the U.S. and abroad. The word of mouth helped in raising his stature in a close-knit community, and today he is a well-respected man in his field. With his visionary perception into the future, Dr. Singh intends to further serve the South Asian community in the U.S. and is working to develop a Khalsa Punjabi School at Nankana Sahib, Pakistan. DR. SURINDER P. SINGH CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, DEDICATED COMMUNITY LEADER Avancer Tek Middle River, MD