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130 MILLENNIUM F or more than four decades, Boris Farber has been developing self-adjusted and self-organized dynamical systems in many areas of his research, specifically in bioengineering and biotechnology and their industrial usage. Dr. Farber has imparted his findings to books on subjects such as fundamental works in bioengineering and biotechnology, mathematical modeling, prosthetics, orthotics, and pharmacology (with an emphasis on self-organized dynamical drugs). With a strong foundation in science, mathematics, system evolution andTRIZ (the theory of inventive problem solving), he is credited withmore than 1,000 inventions, scientific articles and books in the aforementioned areas and has createdmathematical models inmany fields, including anthropomorphic robots, spatial self-adjustedmechanisms, and the synthesis of a quasi- living self-organizing system, amongmany other groundbreaking developments. In addition to scientific and medical discoveries, Dr. Farber devoted himself to creating a new approach in education. His teaching methods are based on a strong scientific-mathematical foundation, which resulted in a unique proprietary Method of Images. He has taught thousands of students worldwide for 41 years, including blind and deaf-mute students, based on vibrotactile receptors. Many of his former students work in the industry using Dr. Farber’s advanced methods and algorithms of thinking. Dr. Farber began his career in 1975 as a science director of the Central Research Institute of Prosthetics. He earned executive positions in other companies as well, including Farber’s Center for Academic Success, Noigel LLC, andTRIZ Biopharma International LLC. Dr. Farber has received many accolades and awards for his continued contributions to the field, including the Honored Inventor of Russian Federation, and diplomas and medals named for Alexander von Humboldt, Gottfried Leibniz, Rudolf Virchow, Alfred Koch and Nikola Tesla for high contributions to the international development and promotion of research and inventions in different fields. He was named Professional of the Year by WWB and has received an honorary Doctor of Science, two honorary PhDs, and two Professor Diplomas: one in biomechanics and one from the European Academy of Science. He is a member of the Medical-Technical Academy, the New York Academy of Sciences, the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics, the Rocket-Space Academy, and the majority of mathematical societies over the world. Boris Farber, PhD Biotechnologist, Educator Farber's Center Academic Success Brooklyn, NY