Millennium_12th Edition_Arnie Creinin

139 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ENTREPRENEURS stage name Liza B. Holding this unique role since 1986, she developed a program of some of Ms. Minnelli's material, entertaining and presenting a motivational show around the world. She also engages in a variety of civic endeavors, supporting United Way, the Arbor Day Foundation, and organizations specializing in animal rescue and protection. Ms. Mathison served as an advisory board member of the College of Southern Idaho, an educator and state lobbyist for the Denturists of Idaho, and an educator and advisor for the business week program at Boise State University. She was also on the board of directors of the Salvation Army. Ms. Mathison was a keynote speaker for programs across the United States for the Clemson University Professional Women's Programs. As part of her political advocacy work, Ms. Mathison lobbied in the Idaho Congress for the legalization of private employment services in the state, resulting in the overturning of a ruling from 1812 against private employment agencies. She joined the government's small business program and lobbied in the Idaho Congress for the legalization of denturitry and the right to establish a self-governing board, which resulted in the largest per capita vote on initiatives in the state at the time. Additionally, she lobbied at the legislative houses in Boise for the increased and continued funding of the displaced homemaker's program, winning her campaign. Seventy-eight years old and healthy, Ms. Mathison functions with the goal to support organizations that protect animals and the environment. She also aims to continue assisting abuse survivors and those who have experienced various traumas. A family-oriented individual, Ms. Mathison enjoys her free time with her four sons and families, grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren, and two cats.