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140 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ENTREPRENEURS BRIAN MAXEY AUTHOR, SPEAKER, BUSINESS CONSULTANT Time to Grab Your Balls Las Vegas, NV While he was attending college in his native state of Illinois, Brian Maxey began his path to become a certified financial planner and, later, such a young age, Mr. Maxey quickly realized the difficulties in obtaining a diverse base of clients and decided on a slight shift in his focus. Subsequently, he turned to veteran financial planners in Chicago, who provided Mr. Maxey with much tutelage. He found an audience in the clients of these financial planners and began to assist them using his expertise in corporate structure and legal concerns. Thus, instead of creating a financial advising firm, Mr. Maxey utilized these working relationships to create a business consulting firm, thereby propelling his career forward and establishing himself as the recognized name he is today. In 2001, Mr. Maxey created his new business consulting firm, TheCorpGuy. Since that time, he has served as the President and Founder of the firm. Over the two decades since its creation, Mr. Maxey has assisted his clients in management and leadership skills, as well as advised them in marketing, operational efficiency and other significant business practices. Ultimately, the firm’s goal is to aid clients in obtaining success and moving forward with their abundant careers. Since 2019, Mr. Maxey has added the position of senior executive team member at Fierro Communications, Inc., in Las Vegas. Originally hired by Fierro Communications as a business consultant, he was quickly offered a position on the Senior Executive Team to assist