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41 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARTS, MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT Berkeley. During the formative stages of his career, Mr. Nwabasili served in various jobs with FedEx and Target for six months while earning his degree. Upon his graduation, he thrived as a chemical engineer for a myriad of corporations, such as Abbott Laboratories, DSM Biomedical and Chevron, before departing from the industry to pursue a new venture: music and event planning. Mr. Nwabasili’s love and passion for music stem from a musical event he attended while working in the engineering industry. Interested in the event planning that was held behind the scenes, he approached the event organizers and inquired about how he could invest and participate in the business. After this formal introduction, he taught himself how to navigate in the events and entertainment industries. As such, he currently excels as the chief executive officer of Sky Concepts Entertainment. Most recently in 2019, Mr. Nwabasili earned an MBA, and also completed a certification in mastering negotiation through Harvard Business School. In his spare time, he enjoys contributing to his local food bank and is a supporter of the Josephine Nwabasili Foundation, named in honor of his late mother. In the forthcoming years, he intends to donate his time further to his community through running for government office. A former member of the American Society of Chemical Engineers, Mr. Nwabasili is affiliated with 100 Black Men of the Bay Area and the Mickey Soccer Club. Looking toward the future, he would like to own a vineyard, where he can host special events as opposed to holding his events at other venues. Additionally, he would like to experience the continued growth of Sky Concepts Entertainment. For more information, please visit A native of Nigeria, Osita Nwabasili first attended the University of Lagos, from which he received a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering. Upon his immigration to the United States, he earned an associate degree in biotechnology from the University of California OSITA NWABASILI CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Sky Concepts Entertainment Alameda, CA