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42 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARTS, MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT that empowered students, in a safe space, to take conceptual/artistic and technical skill risks. Her program reached all student levels beyond her Advanced Placement students. She was awarded many educational grants to implement her innovative programs. Ms. Procacci gave presentations at her state and national professional associations regarding creativity, cognition, cognitive neuroscience and digital installation art that she and her students created. Ms. Procacci is currently authoring a book that articulates the innateness of creativity and human potential. She indicates a cognitive evolution prompted by new media and technology that advances this potential. In particular, “user experience” and its design further the human creative and critical thinking process, resulting in an entrepreneurial and interdisciplinary outcome. She also indicates the influence of mental and physical health and wellness that nourishes this dynamic human potential. While in high school, Allison C. Procacci developed a strong interest in the arts, due in part to the influence of several progressive art educators who provided encouraging constructive criticism. She attended New Jersey City University, earning a bachelor’s degree with three majors: media arts (film and journalism) art education (design and craft) and art therapy, along with their subsequent internships while directing her own experimental video pieces. She also obtained a master’s degree in arts in education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education while cross-registering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to study evolutionary psychology. Between her BA and EdM, Ms. Procacci was employed in the film industry which included working with celebrated world-renowned commercial and feature film directors, producers, and art directors, while keeping her vision of human potential and her own creative work in check. Post-EdM, she designed K-12 programs in art education that included collaborative interdisciplinary units and lessons ALLISON C. PROCACCI ART EDUCATOR Kearny, NJ