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43 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARTS, MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT named Martin Spilker Photography since 2000. Capturing an array of stunning images in both color and black and white, he purchased his very first camera at the age of 39, having formerly served the Missouri Book Service in Columbia, Missouri, for several years. After departing from his prior profession, he decided to delve into his passion on a full-time basis. Among the many notable highlights of his career, Mr. Spilker is especially proud of the opportunities he was afforded to photograph the Burr Oak in 2006, which is the largest and oldest tree in the State of Missouri. However, his photography is not just reserved to Missouri; he has taken landscape photos across the United States. He was first encouraged to enter the photography arena after capturing a compelling photo of a lighthouse in Maine. Impressively, Mr. Spilker was twice the recipient and an honorable mention at the Monochrome Awards’ International Black & White Contest. He won this accolade for “Storm Over El Morro” in 2018 and “Yellowstone Hot Sulphur Spring” in 2020. Previously affiliated with several art fairs where he exhibited his photography across the nation, he no longer participates in those venues due to a genetic muscle disorder. He has overcome disability to become a worldclass landscape photographer, having taken up photography several years after the onset of McArdle disease, which limits his stamina and subjects to what is easily accessed. He is a juried artist member of the Missouri Artisans Association, DBA “Best of Missouri Hands.” Mr. Spilker attributes his success to his drive for excellence. He has held an associate degree in agricultural economics from the University of Missouri at Columbia since 1985. For more information, please visitMr. Spilker’s photography website at From a formative age while growing up on a farm in Northeast Missouri, Martin Spilker has held a deep interest in nature’s landscapes. Later in life, having become interested in photographing nature and landscapes, he has served as the owner and photographer at the eponymously MARTIN SPILKER OWNER, PHOTOGRAPHER Martin Spilker Photography Bethel, MO