Millennium_12th Edition_Arnie Creinin

4 Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence (AI) is the use of computer technology to process data and make intelligent decisions based on learned patterns of data. The field of artificial intelligence continues to evolve by leaps and bounds. The applications of AI are seemingly endless for a variety of industries, including the cybersecurity, military, financial and medical sectors. Keep your business on the leading edge by being aware of the top AI trends for 2023. 1. Hyperautomation Hyperautomationisthecombinationofartificial intelligencetoolswith robotic process automation. A great example of hyperautomation is Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. OCR converts images of text into machine-readable text, and it is increasingly used in the banking industry, legal document accessibility, and health care. Businesses that want to be on the cutting edge of digital technology should keep an eye on hyperautomation. 2. Automated Machine Learning Machine learning is the process of using algorithms to help find patterns and analyze data. However, running those programs can take an enormous amount of time and computing power. Automated machine learning streamlines the modeling tasks required to develop and run machine learning code, which frees data scientists and business professionals to work on more complex problems. Applications of Auto ML include fraud detection, image recognition, cybersecurity and social media features. 3. Edge Artificial Intelligence This is where artificial intelligence computations are performed on the edge of a network rather than in an offsite data storage facility or cloud computing center. That edge could be a single-user device or server where the data is housed. The advantage of using edge AI is that it speeds up processing times, increases data security and reduces the power needed for operation. Edge artificial intelligence is the technology behind important tools like speech recognition software, fingerprint detection and autonomous driving systems.