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214 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine FINANCE AND INSURANCE After spending over 20 years in the fields of insurance and investments, Ed Hochard retired from his full-time profession in 2010. Following a three-year retirement, he decided to return to the insurance industry, having renewed his insurance license and re-entering the field in 2014. At this time, Mr. Hochard realized his desire to cater to the market of individuals entering retirement and wanted to demonstrate how to protect assets through annuities. Shortly thereafter, he commenced The Annuity Shop, where he has served as owner since 2014. Following the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Mr. Hochard briefly retired again, but returned to The Annuity Shop, remaining there to the present day. Earlier in his career, Mr. Hochard received an associate degree from the Control Data Institute in 1981. He went on to serve in various roles before joining Primerica Financial Services in 1987. First working at the financial services corporation on a part-time basis, he then evolved into a fulltime role in 1989. For the following 24 years, he flourished with Primerica Financial Services as a franchisee. Notably, Mr. Hochard has held several licenses, including a series 26 license, series 63 license, series 6 license, and a life, health and variable annuity license. Outside of his primary endeavors, Mr. Hochard has been featured on the radio show “Safe Money and Income,” which was featured on WOKV News Talk 104.5 FMand 690 AM. Additionally, he previously competed in Superstars competitions in the 1980s, a two-week event held on two weekends with such athletic events as the 100-yard dash, mile run, five-mile bicycle race, long jump, basketball, swimming, football, softball and weightlifting, among others. Notably, Mr. Hochard won the competition in 1987. In accounting for his success, Mr. Hochard credits his desire for continual self-improvement and the support and guidance from his many mentors over the years. Among the many highlights of his career, he is especially proud of being a father of two sons and grandfather of two grandchildren. Looking forward, he intends to leave his business to his children to carry on his legacy. Millennium Magazine Featured Listee ED HOCHARD OWNER The Annuity Shop Palm Bay, FL