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188 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ENTREPRENEURS Working alongside diplomats, executives, corporate directors, social workers, politicians and public service bureaucrats for over 25 years, Dr. Winston G.N. Tannis has excelled as the founding chair, creator and counsel of Winston Tannis International since 2003, having initially founded his organization in 1997. Renowned for his expertise in media and entertainment, publishing, academia, law and hospitality, Dr. Tannis is a Canadian-based global founding executive chair of over 10 organizations, as well as a political, business, financial and legal practitioner and consultant. Additionally, he has served as the founding publisher and content leader of WG Magazine and Circulars since 2015 and New America Today & Tomorrow, the founder of EchoEternity Entertainment and Publishing since 2014, and the founding chair, president and distinguished professor at The Beacon Institute for Advanced Studies since 2008. Dr. Tannis holds a BA in philosophy and political science, with honors and cum laude, fromWestern University, an LLB/JD fromQueens University Law School and an LLD from The Beacon Institute for Advanced Studies. Utilizing his degrees, he has served as the founding chair and counsel for The Winston George Foundation since 2006 and the founding chair and counsel of the Beacon Library of Heritage and Civilization since 2012. He has authored over 500 articles on politics, finance, philosophy, diplomacy, business, international affairs, corporate governance, economics, and arts and culture and formerly served as founding president and contributing editor-in-chief of the Queens Annual Business Law Symposium at Queen’s University between 1993 and 1998. Dr. Tannis received the 2005 International Recognition Award from Wikipedia. In 1994, he earned the David Sabbath Tax Policy Award from Queens University and the National Silver Medal from Canadian Corporate Securities. Earlier, Western University bestowed upon him a Gold Medal in Political Science and Philosophy (combined honors) in 1989. Looking forward, Dr. Tannis intends to run for president of the United States. WINSTON G.N. TANNIS, ESQ. FOUNDING CHAIR, CREATOR, COUNSEL Winston Tannis International Ottawa, Ontario, Canada