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189 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ENTREPRENEURS Exemplifying aptitude in dual career paths, education and entrepreneurship, Charles M. O’Connor formerly served in the academic sector for over 25 years. At the inception of his professional career in education, he was a teacher at Andrews High School in High Point, North Carolina, for six years. Following this tenure, he spent an additional six years as an assistant principal at Smith High School in Greensboro, North Carolina, as well as the assistant director of bus transportation for the Greensboro City School District for nine fruitful years. Subsequently, Mr. O’Connor spent the next two years as a teacher of social studies at Grimsley High School, where he finalized his educational career as the head of the in-school suspension and after school detention programs for three years until his retirement. Now in retirement, Mr. O’Connor spends his time as the owner of Lakeview Restaurant in Greensboro, where he has served since 2016. Incredibly proud of his progress as an educator and entrepreneur, he has thoroughly enjoyed spending his spare time taking care of the restaurant. Notably, he and his staff members are lauded for their celebrations of several U.S. holidays and have created grand meals to commemorate Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas. Additionally, Mr. O’Connor and his team offer free desserts on Veterans Day. To prepare for his career, Mr. O’Connor pursued a formal education at Davidson County Community College, receiving an AA in 1972. He went on to attend the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, through which he earned a BA in 1974 and an MEd in educational administration in 1979. He attributes much of his success to his self-motivation, ability to achieve goals, and rich background as a Boy Scout and an Eagle Scout. Mr. O’Connor has received several accolades. Named Teacher of the Year by Andrews High School in 1979, he was also honored with Administrator of the Year Awards from Smith High School in 1982 and 1985. Likewise, he has been revered for his civic duties with the National Eagle Scout Award in 2020, having previously received the Wood Badge Training Award in 1980. CHARLES M. O’CONNOR OWNER Lakeview Restaurant Greensboro, NC