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192 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ENTREPRENEURS For over three decades, John H. Reddick has been providing highquality service to customers and clients at Reddick Inventory Service. Since founding the company in 1992, he has operated as an inventory specialist, offering clients and customers services for the management and warehousing of raw materials, components and finished products. Furthermore, the business conducts detailed audits for convenience stores, clothing boutiques and other retail outlets across Nevada, California, New Mexico and Arizona. Prior to beginning his own company, Mr. Reddick operated as a senior auditor for Stop-N-Go Foods, Inc. Over the course of his career, Mr. Reddick has proven a formal degree is not required to thrive in the industry, having learned backroom management systems, such as cascading style sheets (CSS), service station computer systems (SSCS) and pre-delivery inspection (PDI) of his own volition. To wit, he has found word of mouth recommendations have been paramount in the success of his business. Furthermore, his wife composed the company’s slogan: “Although no one is perfect, perfection is our goal”; a statement that has shaped the superior service they provide. To commemorate Mr. Reddick’s accomplishments in the field, Reddick Inventory Service was recognized as the Number One Inventory Service by the City of Las Vegas. Furthermore, as a civic-minded citizen, he is actively involved with the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. In the near future, Mr. Reddick is considering expanding his business into Texas and Florida, and he hopes to eventually retire and pass on the company to his son. Millennium Magazine Featured Listee JOHN H. REDDICK OWNER, INVENTORY SPECIALIST Reddick Inventory Service Las Vegas, NV