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193 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ENTREPRENEURS Distinguished for his success as an entrepreneur, Don R. Robinson is the owner of Coins4U&Me, a coin grading business based in Utah. In addition to grading coins, he also buys and sells coins from customers, as well as from online stores such as eBay and Amazon. To ensure his business can be leveraged in the growing age of technology, Mr. Robinson spends significant time digitizing the coin industry so that rare and noteworthy coins can be processed and traded more easily online. Prior to spearheading Coins4U&Me, Mr. Robinson worked for many years in the manufacturing industry, during which time he received recognition for helping utilize resin during the oil shortage of the 1970s. He considers his work in the manufacturing field to hold some of his proudest moments, which he notes entail thinking of ingenious ways to go about logistics, especially for large items. To add to his professional endeavors, Mr. Robinson oversaw the largest picture frame manufacturing factory in the region, as well as a windowsill factory. He began working at the age of 15 and consistently grew as a hardworking individual through the culmination of opening his own business. As one of 14 siblings, Mr. Robinson frequently struggled to receive adequate encouragement and support. However, he eventually realized that he did not need anyone’s approval to move forth with his ambitions. Once he was able to understand this, he was able to achieve more than he ever expected, both at work and at home. Today, Mr. Robinson focuses on inspiring his own children to work diligently and achieve their goals as they continually grow in their own lives. To remain abreast of developments in his industry, Mr. Robinson maintains professional affiliation with the National Coin Graders and the Professional Coin Grading Service. In the next five to 10 years, he hopes for the continued growth and success of his coin business and to eventually pass the business down to his daughter. Millennium Magazine Featured Listee DON R. ROBINSON OWNER Coins4U&Me Tooele, UT