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79 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine BUSINESS SERVICES, CONSULTING AND HUMAN RESOURCES food bank through his oversight of performance, staff development, salaries and benefits. Likewise, Mr. Bethea is renowned for upholding an inclusive, equitable environment bothwithin theorganization and outside, wherein he works with other local initiatives across Southwestern Pennsylvania. Congruent to these efforts, he founded Urban Enterprise Business Solutions LLC in 2016, where he also serves as chief executive officer. Alongside his primary path, Mr. Bethea also conducts speaking engagements at various seminars, conferences and symposia, as well as served the Pittsburgh Human Resources Association as amember of the board of directors. Earlier in his career, he served as a manager for commercial and retail services at McCarthy Tire in 1998, as well as served 84 Lumbar as a comanager and within the field of diversity business practices. Moreover, Mr. Bethea was a human resource analyst and business partner at Gateway Health Plan and a diversity, equity and inclusion specialist at FedEx Ground. To prepare for his career, Mr. Bethea earned a BBA from Clarion University of Pennsylvania in 1998 and an MBA from Waynesburg University in 2011. To complement his degrees, he has been certified in project management and as a professional in human resources, a certified select behavioral interviewer, a certified diversity professional and a certified diversity recruiter. For his success, Mr. Bethea was featured in a television press release for the Community Champion for Pittsburgh Award in 2021, having previously been bestowed with a Five Star Award from FedEx Ground and a 2019 Rising Star Award from FedEx Corporation. He attributes much of his success to his extensive education and training. Looking forward, he intends to make a widespread difference in the way individuals view equity and inclusion on a national scale, as well as publish a book on his personal experiences. Since 2021, Godfrey Bethea Jr. has been recognized as the vice president of equity, people and culture and the head of the human resources department at the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. In his dual roles, his responsibilities include managing the human resources and diversity, equity and inclusion programs for the GODFREY BETHEA JR. VICE PRESIDENT OF EQUITY, PEOPLE AND CULTURE Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank Coraopolis, PA